Logocaster Design: Word Split

Published about 5 years ago

An interesting feature I included in Logocaster very early on is its capability to guess at a word split within a continuous group of letters. This is important given the large number of companies, startups and products which combine two words into one and use that for their company name.

Some prominent examples from the tech world are AirBnb, MixPanel, DropBox, SalesForce and WordPress (I’ve added capitalization to show where the word split occurs).

When you type your company or product name into Logocaster’s logo design tool, it’ll take a quick guess at if and where the name could be sensibly split. Most of the time it guesses correctly. If not, just “X” the split filter on the left side of the design page.

This fun little feature lets you visualize a wider range of design options for your brand without any extra effort. Here are a few examples of it working nicely for the companies I mentioned above.

Airbnb Logo Concept Salesforce Logo Concept Mixpanel Logo Concept Dropbox Logo Concept Wordpress Logo Concept Logocaster Logo Concept

I’ll be improving this feature soon, including the ability to add or change a word split in the cases where Logocaster can’t quite get it right.

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