Two New Logo Styles: Outlined and Bubble

Published about 5 years ago

Yesterday, I added a couple of new logo styles to the system – outlined and bubble.

The outlined style produces concepts similar to the new Mapquest logo. It basically paints a thin line around the logo text and tries its best to keep sharp corners where it can. Here are some examples of it in action:

Mapquest Logo Concept Outlined! Logo Concept Logocaster Logo Concept

The bubble style is inspired by the logo. It paints a thick, rounded stroke around the logo text, giving playful feel to the logo. It’s a perfect fit for a brand which is hoping give the impression of being fun and approachable:

Weebly Logo Concept Bubbly Logo Concept Logocaster Logo Concept

Both of these styles (as well as the standard text only style) are available as logo design filters, so as you’re exploring logo concepts, you can drill down and view only those which use the style you like most.

Happy branding and happy holidays!